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How can you join the list of companies who take care of their employees health?

We prepare fitness and wellness programs tailored to the needs of your employees and your organization.

A healthy lifestyle for your employees is now in your hands! Watch your team gaining new energy and inspiration through fitness, and see how those changes are positively reflected in the performance of your employees and the atmosphere in the office.

Choose from a wide range of options: from individual membership, corporate accounts, packaged visits, etc. Combine Holmes Place entrance with additional therapeutic or cosmetic services either with your employee's contribution or entirely covered by your company account..

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Holmes Place Corporate Seminars

Holmes Place offers a wide range of group lectures and individual coaching that we can conduct in your offices or at one of our club locations. Our specialists will help your staff to face the consequences of poor eating habits, smoking, sedentary jobs, and more. We can also prepare seminars on coping with stress, work/life balance, and the basic principles of a healthy lifestyle.
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Office Fitness

Office Fitness gives your employees a unique experience and provides them with information about healthy lifestyles. Your team will get the opportunity to try the latest tips and tricks to cultivate their health which can lead them to be more efficient at work and also to be happier in their private lives. This program includes exercise with fitness machines at your premises.Read more about Office fitness.


Let us arrange teambuilding activities for your employees according to your wishes. Holmes Place offers group team training, studio classes, professional fitness trainer supervision, initial medical examinations, relaxation and basic exercise. Make a commitment to a healthy day with us and your staff will return to the office feeling refreshed and full of energy.

... and much more. Contact us for a customized corporate offer!

What does Wellness Fitness Measurement mean?

Our professional trainers are prepared to conduct physical and health assesments for each of your employees. Each session takes 15 minutes and the results are available in the same day. You will receive a comprehensive overview of the current health status of your workforce which we can use to help you uncover the reasons for any health problems your employees might be facing.

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